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"In my professional opinion, the translation is of excellent quality. It achieves the 'gold standard': it is completely faithful to the source text, including in tone, yet it reads as if originally written in English". (Swiss translation agency proofreader)

"Your translation was of great quality and a pleasure to proof!" (UK translation agency proofreader)

"The translation was absolutely brilliant." (French translation agency proofreader)

 "Thanks again for your excellent work on this project." (French translation agency project manager)

 "I just delivered the legal disclosure text for the [...] project. It was perfect!" (French translation agency project manager)

 "It’s been a pleasure working with you. I was always so relieved when I knew I would be proofreading your work – it was always so well researched!" (Former French translation agency proofreader)

 "Thanks Karen. It was perfect, I didn’t touch it." (French translation agency proofreader)

 "I just finished proofing your translation of the [...] report. I thought you did a fantastic job!" (French translation agency proofreader)

 "Thank you for your help on this matter, you will certainly be top of my list next time I need a French translator." (UK law firm)

 "Many thanks for your help. The result is excellent, as always." (End client)

 "This is marvellous, thank you. It reads really well and sounds authoritative and accurate." (UK translation agency)

 "Thank you so much. It is so lovely to deal with someone who is such a professional." (Private client)

 "Thanks again. You did a remarkable job [...], especially for someone who is new to the world of [client]!" (French translation agency)

 "I am getting in touch with you just to let you know that the client was really happy with the adaptation project you worked on several weeks ago. Congratulations!" (UK translation agency)

 "I’m asking you because the client is very happy with your previous work on this project, and would like to keep the same team." (French translation agency)