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I have been working with international development organisations, NGOs and charities since 2006, both directly and through specialist agencies.

Good translations in this sector need:

  • a detailed understanding of the particular development context concerned

  • well-honed research skills

  • skilful handling of extensive reference materials, often from multiple sources

  • excellent terminology management for consistency across documents

  • the ability to write clearly and accurately for readers who are often not native speakers of the target language.


'International development' is a broad field, with complex interactions between seemingly isolated issues. My particular areas of interest and expertise lie in:

  • sustainable development

  • infrastructure projects
  • water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH)
  • environmental issues, particularly climate change adaptation / mitigation

  • public health and disease control, notably HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis

  • gender, equality and human rights, particularly women's and children's rights

  • humanitarian relief.


The types of document I translate in these fields are:

  • reports

  • press releases
  • funding applications

  • website copy

  • journal articles.


Click on the links to see some examples of my recent projects and published work.