Business Translation

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Whether you are trading across borders or managing a workforce based in different parts of the world, your corporate communications need to be accurate, persuasive and strike the right tone with all your stakeholders, from customers to investors, current and future employees, regulatory authorities and the general public.

Translations for business need:

  • a thorough understanding of the sector concerned

  • clear, fluent, idiomatic use of language

  • skilful handling of reference materials and terminology for consistency across documents

  • careful targeting to the readership you are addressing.

Business translation covers a wide range of areas and multiple sectors. My particular expertise and experience relate to:

  • human resources, training, e-learning and employment

  • corporate governance and risk assessment

  • corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainable development

  • sales and marketing.


My end clients work in sectors ranging from medical devices, drug administration and cosmetics to recruitment, real estate, catering, tourism and technology. The types of document I translate in these fields include:

  • internal and external reports and presentations

  • press releases, news items and social media content

  • policy documents, guides and procedures

  • CSR, environmental and sustainability reports

  • annual reports

  • in-house magazines, website and intranet content.


Some examples of recent projects are listed hereI also work in commercial, company and contract law; see here for information about my experience and expertise in legal translation.