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KES_Translate is run by me, Karen Stokes.
I set up KES_Translate in 2002 to provide professional translation services from French to English, first building on my experience in business as a buyer for a major UK supermarket chain, and later adding legal translation and work for international organisations and NGOs in the development sector. 


I have a long-held belief that translation is a job for qualified professionals who:

  • bring extensive knowledge and experience of both translation and their areas of specialisation
  • understand their professional and ethical responsibilities
  • maintain their knowledge and skills through a programme of regular professional development


because whether you are...

  • a multinational communicating with shareholders about your financial performance or with your employees on the other side of world about your new strategy

  • a lawyer helping your client to negotiate a contract or settle a commercial dispute or

  • an NGO running a campaign or applying for funding

... your documents are too important to be left to an amateur and your time is too valuable to waste getting a poor translation re-done.

Follow the links to find out more about my qualificationsmembership of professional bodies and recent continuing professional development, or contact me to find out more about how I can help you.


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